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Trip around the world Nova Gorica – Taipei – Nova Gorica

Via München, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu

 Half life ago I had a excellent opportunity to visit a superb part of our small world. It was a business trip to our customer from Taipei (Taiwan). With my college were pleased to go to go in this part of the world, knowing that the trip there was a great opportunity to see more then just the airports and industrial facilities. So the time schedule and the “to see” and “to buy” was done months before but…. on a first attempt the plan didn’t worked. In that time the east Asia was under pathogenic avian influenza aka birds flu. So we had to postpone the trip for 6 months.

Finally start day arrived. Started in Ljubljana we had a 2h trip to München where we stopped for 4h waiting for an Boing 777 (malaysia airlines) which took as to Kuala Lumpur in an 13h very pleasurable flight without any problem. Must say this was the best flight every. Truly !!! The first thing I noticed was the nature and the architecture in one of the nicest it was just WaW for 5 minutes. The second thing I noticed was a lady at customs with a sign on the uniform…”Service with smile”, unfortunately two Malaysian solders took one man from the line behind and took him away (As I understood he had a stolen passport). Not an ideal way to enter. Any way may time in Kuala Lumpur was terrific I’ve enjoy every seconds there.

From the airport we took the fast train (KLIA Ekspres) that connect airport and Kuala Lumpur city center. As mentioned before the train stops in the center of Kuala Lumpur so visitors don’t need to walk a lot to get to the main Kuala Lumpur attraction Petronas Twin Towers. After 30 minutes of waiting we were allowed to enter and a guide ( a nice lady with a true fantastic smile on her face) explain us how the lifts work, speed, how are organized and which one you have to take if you would like to go to xy floor. tour continued on the 42 floor. Yes the sky-bridge (I think all of you saw movie Entrapment). At first when you walk onto the bridge you notice the wind which is blowing between the towers and you notice how the bridge is moving 😉 , but after a few minutes noisy feeling go away. The view of Kuala Lumpur is amazing. In any direction you look everywhere is something to look at. Next step was a coffee shop and a shopping. In the mall at the bottom of the towers I got a fortune and I bought my first digital camera (Sony P10) at that time this model wasn’t jet available in Slovenia and a few months later cost twice the amount as mine bought in Malaysia. And amazing the camera still works. This is it about Petronas towers, but you can find more on Petronsa towers @wiki page.

The rest of the day in Kuala Lumpur was spent walking around the city and parks it was summer and humidity was impossible. But as I said this is an amazing city and it was a pleasure to be able to walk around, talk to local people and to try typical food.

After a day in Kuala Lumpur we flew to Borneo island mostly known for Brunei, small country known for Oil industry, but the plane landed in a Kota Kinabalu a true paradise on earth. When landing I was wondering myself why we are landing on an old military airport the runway was at the end still in grass??? OMG can’t be true and it was… there was also an old WW2 US plane. After 2h of waiting some new passengers were boarded am the plane took off. While flying over the sea there were some amazing island completly forgoten by humans and I guess I could live there with 3 bananas and 1l of coconut milk.

Finally Taiwan and its capital Taipei. As in Malaysia the first thing was the customs and healthy check. Panic after the birds flu was still alive, so everyone who arrived had to fill 3 forms and a quick temperature check. Everything was OK and we were allowed to enter the Taiwan. Our host was already waiting us with the driver who took us to Hsinchu city to the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC), where we were doing some experiments and customer support. Safety first, work second let the party begin. Our host was unbeliveble, after 8hours of intense work he had the energy to took us to Taipei and this was the schedule for all 5 days there. I think I saw the entire city.

This is a short list of what we saw:

  • Tower 101
  • National Taiwan Museum
  • Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
  • The National Concert Hall
  • The Grand Hotel
  • Longshan Temple
  • 228 Peace Park

What I’ve learned about Taiwan’s people: They are very nice people, proud and very smart they learn fast and always listen to you. It is very nice to work with them.

OK walking around wasn’t the only thing we did in Taipei. An must is buying cheap electronic in their electronic markets, you can find everything at half price. After shopping for electronic I have stopped in an library and bought a programers book.

And the moment we were all waiting for Taiwan’s food… i wasn’t impressed some was delicious some was awful. I’ve tried everything from street food (which was the best) and topical Taiwan’s dishes. (Don’t tell this to our host but we sin – McBurger was there and we were hungry… sorry )