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Wireless sensor system


The whole infrastructure is based on STM devices Low Power 32bit MCU, STM Wifi module and Beaglebone Black with LCD as a control panel.

Smart sensor grid Infrastructure

Smart sensor grid Infrastructure



Main Control unit is based on the BBB running custom linux with the custom build application as a information concentrator and BMS, operating as a Wifi Access point the remote sensors can be paired without any problems using DHCP.


Rremote sensors units are designed to fit standard wall mounted XZX and are AC powered, allowing to install the system also as a “retrofit” in old houses without any gradbenih del.




PCB is designed in Altium 13, and it licensed under OpenHardware license. All design files and libreries can be found on my BitBucket repository.




Why IAR size limited vs. Atollic lite?

Simple, IAR can be used with Cortex M0 devices with 32kb code size limitation while the Atollic allow only 8kb for small devices.